Monday, December 28, 2015

Worlds Best Litter - A review

We recently got a kitten. Our delay in getting one previously was because my wife has a radar nose and did not want to put up with the smell of litter. On top of my promises to stay on top of cleaning I promised I would do some research to find the best litter out there. Naturally when I see an ad for a littler call Worlds Best ( I think this sounds awesome, no mess, no odor, no dust....all pluses for me. We bought a bag and sad to say I was very disappointed. True there was no dust, but there was odor and there was certainly a mess. Where the previous litter used, while still had somewhat of an odor, didn't leave kitten poops on the fur. Now before you say, well the kitten probably had the runs.....he did not. This was your normal average kitty poop. While this litter may work for some it did not work for us.

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