Monday, February 6, 2012

Curtains - YAY

Being out of work has sucked in that while I have a TON of time to do the project that I have wanted to do and DREAMED of doing, now I don't have the money. Before I had the money (ha kind of) but no time. Hard to make things work. Fortunately I have family that has been cool with giving me things to work with.

Over the weekend my mother in law gave me some curtains she was replacing and then tells me that she has some extra fabric that she was going to use to make pillows and had even started one but didnt finish it and would I want those. UHM YES!!!!!!

Now keeping in mind that this is also Superbowl Sunday I had a limited time to get things done before the big game. Time to rip down the rod that has been there since I moved into this house in 1999 and put up this cool new one. HOPING that the curtain was good enough that there would not be a glare on the TV because that is just not cool with the big game.

30 minutes before the game I run into a snag, I cant find the drill and there is a side where I need to place the middle bracket brace. Joni gets up from a nap where she didnt get much rest because she could hear me banging with a hammer. 15 minutes before the game - she finds the drill finishes my brackets and yay the curtains are up. Now for the big test - is there a glare? If there is we still have time to put the old black curtains back up before the game starts.
Success - no glare.

The room looks so much bigger and brighter. Now I just have to find some coordinating fabric for my dining room and kitchen windows ( there is an amazing tutorial from Shanty-2-Chic for roman shades. As soon as I find the fabric I am going to have to give them a try ) - and maybe make some place mats. Dang this project just grew.

Now I am on the hunt for coordinating fabric for the roman shades - yay for me.

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