Monday, February 13, 2012

A couple of Misc projects

I woke up early this morning knowing that I would get a lot done if I actually got moving, that and tomorrow is going to be a very busy day with it being Valentines and the surprise that I have planned for tomorrow. I have to get everything prepped for that on top of helping my daughter with her Valentine prep for her boyfriend.
I found a can of black spray paint that I bought for a project that and decided that I was going to pull off the picture wall all of the frames that were not black or silver. I spread plastic over my counter top and fixed the problem. After a few hours of drying they are back up on the wall and look like they match the others. I even added a couple of pictures I found.

******* <3 ********
another project I finished was the triple clipboard notepad. I had all of the things for this project years ago but never had the time. I found everything and decided to finish it. The clipboard itself is actually made out of a chipboard material. I painted it brown and then used decoupage to put some scrap booking paper on it. I tried to use something that is going to match my kitchen remodel. I couldnt find the bag of ribbon I had so I stole ribbon from an older item that is near the end of its useful life. Tada - perfect clipboard notepad.

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