Friday, December 30, 2011

Cookbook Cubby

This was my first attempt at an actual DIY project - step one of many in the kitchen remodel to come. I decided I needed a place to put my cookbooks and the cabinet above the stove and microwave is ALWAYS catching clutter so I cleaned it out and turned it into a cookbook cubby


I first removed the doors and everything inside it - this leaves the panel that separated the two doors that had to be removed - wanted to do a dry run to make sure before I removed the final piece that I would actually like my cookbooks there - I do - let the project continue

Test Run


I started to saw away at the middle piece of wood when I realized that this panel was secured by screws and didnt actually come already attached to the cabinet. That made it easier - lesson learned - look to see if there are screws before starting to saw LOL

After - excuse the mess - I had not yet cleaned up from tearing the cabinet apart.

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