Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bathroom Vanity Reveal

The first part of the vanity is done and the handles are back on. Not to bad considering this was my first attempt. More bathroom changes to come.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Bathroom Vanity Paint

I decided that I wanted to change something in the house so I decide I am going to paint the bathroom vanity. There is nothing worse than the stock oak cabinets that most houses came with that were built 20 years ago. And since it was time for a change and I already had the paint I just did it. Below is what I started with. I couldn't get the drawers out. Normally you can just lift them and they will release from their track. These just wouldn't release. So out of frustration I decided to just paint them as best as I could until I can get them out of the vanity and painted properly.

I couldn't get the entire vanity in the picture so here is the other view.

Faux Built in Bookcase

A friend is giving me a bookcases and I am going to secure it to the wall in my living room. I plan on leaving it white and using L brackets to secure to the wall. I have a mirror that was part of a set that my wife had. The dresser is long gone but she told me I could paint the frame of the mirror white and hang it above the bookcase. So excited.

All that is left for this project is painting the trim around the mirror and making sure the bookcase is secure against the wall with a couple of L brackets - not to shabby as a built in faux bookcase/entrance table and certainly much better than what was there previously.

Cookbook Cubby

This was my first attempt at an actual DIY project - step one of many in the kitchen remodel to come. I decided I needed a place to put my cookbooks and the cabinet above the stove and microwave is ALWAYS catching clutter so I cleaned it out and turned it into a cookbook cubby


I first removed the doors and everything inside it - this leaves the panel that separated the two doors that had to be removed - wanted to do a dry run to make sure before I removed the final piece that I would actually like my cookbooks there - I do - let the project continue

Test Run


I started to saw away at the middle piece of wood when I realized that this panel was secured by screws and didnt actually come already attached to the cabinet. That made it easier - lesson learned - look to see if there are screws before starting to saw LOL

After - excuse the mess - I had not yet cleaned up from tearing the cabinet apart.

New Year New Projects

With the beginning of the new year I have decided to keep track of my projects and post before and after and if possible the steps I went through to get there. After having been laid off for over 3 months and having like no money at all it became an imperative that I keep busy in between classes (I am going to school to become a nurse). So these projects are to keep me from going out of my mind and still move forward towards my goal of making my house MINE (long story of divorce). I will update as often as possible. Please share any ideas, successes or attempted success if you would like. I hope that this will be a learning place for all of us.