Monday, December 28, 2015

Worlds Best Litter - A review

We recently got a kitten. Our delay in getting one previously was because my wife has a radar nose and did not want to put up with the smell of litter. On top of my promises to stay on top of cleaning I promised I would do some research to find the best litter out there. Naturally when I see an ad for a littler call Worlds Best ( I think this sounds awesome, no mess, no odor, no dust....all pluses for me. We bought a bag and sad to say I was very disappointed. True there was no dust, but there was odor and there was certainly a mess. Where the previous litter used, while still had somewhat of an odor, didn't leave kitten poops on the fur. Now before you say, well the kitten probably had the runs.....he did not. This was your normal average kitty poop. While this litter may work for some it did not work for us.

Monday, February 13, 2012

A couple of Misc projects

I woke up early this morning knowing that I would get a lot done if I actually got moving, that and tomorrow is going to be a very busy day with it being Valentines and the surprise that I have planned for tomorrow. I have to get everything prepped for that on top of helping my daughter with her Valentine prep for her boyfriend.
I found a can of black spray paint that I bought for a project that and decided that I was going to pull off the picture wall all of the frames that were not black or silver. I spread plastic over my counter top and fixed the problem. After a few hours of drying they are back up on the wall and look like they match the others. I even added a couple of pictures I found.

******* <3 ********
another project I finished was the triple clipboard notepad. I had all of the things for this project years ago but never had the time. I found everything and decided to finish it. The clipboard itself is actually made out of a chipboard material. I painted it brown and then used decoupage to put some scrap booking paper on it. I tried to use something that is going to match my kitchen remodel. I couldnt find the bag of ribbon I had so I stole ribbon from an older item that is near the end of its useful life. Tada - perfect clipboard notepad.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Curtains - YAY

Being out of work has sucked in that while I have a TON of time to do the project that I have wanted to do and DREAMED of doing, now I don't have the money. Before I had the money (ha kind of) but no time. Hard to make things work. Fortunately I have family that has been cool with giving me things to work with.

Over the weekend my mother in law gave me some curtains she was replacing and then tells me that she has some extra fabric that she was going to use to make pillows and had even started one but didnt finish it and would I want those. UHM YES!!!!!!

Now keeping in mind that this is also Superbowl Sunday I had a limited time to get things done before the big game. Time to rip down the rod that has been there since I moved into this house in 1999 and put up this cool new one. HOPING that the curtain was good enough that there would not be a glare on the TV because that is just not cool with the big game.

30 minutes before the game I run into a snag, I cant find the drill and there is a side where I need to place the middle bracket brace. Joni gets up from a nap where she didnt get much rest because she could hear me banging with a hammer. 15 minutes before the game - she finds the drill finishes my brackets and yay the curtains are up. Now for the big test - is there a glare? If there is we still have time to put the old black curtains back up before the game starts.
Success - no glare.

The room looks so much bigger and brighter. Now I just have to find some coordinating fabric for my dining room and kitchen windows ( there is an amazing tutorial from Shanty-2-Chic for roman shades. As soon as I find the fabric I am going to have to give them a try ) - and maybe make some place mats. Dang this project just grew.

Now I am on the hunt for coordinating fabric for the roman shades - yay for me.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bathroom Vanity Reveal

The first part of the vanity is done and the handles are back on. Not to bad considering this was my first attempt. More bathroom changes to come.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Bathroom Vanity Paint

I decided that I wanted to change something in the house so I decide I am going to paint the bathroom vanity. There is nothing worse than the stock oak cabinets that most houses came with that were built 20 years ago. And since it was time for a change and I already had the paint I just did it. Below is what I started with. I couldn't get the drawers out. Normally you can just lift them and they will release from their track. These just wouldn't release. So out of frustration I decided to just paint them as best as I could until I can get them out of the vanity and painted properly.

I couldn't get the entire vanity in the picture so here is the other view.

Faux Built in Bookcase

A friend is giving me a bookcases and I am going to secure it to the wall in my living room. I plan on leaving it white and using L brackets to secure to the wall. I have a mirror that was part of a set that my wife had. The dresser is long gone but she told me I could paint the frame of the mirror white and hang it above the bookcase. So excited.

All that is left for this project is painting the trim around the mirror and making sure the bookcase is secure against the wall with a couple of L brackets - not to shabby as a built in faux bookcase/entrance table and certainly much better than what was there previously.

Cookbook Cubby

This was my first attempt at an actual DIY project - step one of many in the kitchen remodel to come. I decided I needed a place to put my cookbooks and the cabinet above the stove and microwave is ALWAYS catching clutter so I cleaned it out and turned it into a cookbook cubby


I first removed the doors and everything inside it - this leaves the panel that separated the two doors that had to be removed - wanted to do a dry run to make sure before I removed the final piece that I would actually like my cookbooks there - I do - let the project continue

Test Run


I started to saw away at the middle piece of wood when I realized that this panel was secured by screws and didnt actually come already attached to the cabinet. That made it easier - lesson learned - look to see if there are screws before starting to saw LOL

After - excuse the mess - I had not yet cleaned up from tearing the cabinet apart.